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We develop Tretus, SaaS for facility management.

Tretus was created to “watch the guards if they watch” in real time. With increasing requirements, we developed it into a continuous automatic control of patrol service. Today, it is a tool complemented by other services that helps to digitize facility management. We have the motto “one data, one truth”. We believe that transparent communication is the key to better cooperation. Whether across the team or towards the customers.

Digitization, efficient task management and transparent communication will help you save the money that you can use for your growth.



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Have Facility Management firmly in your hands.

Tretus is a tool to increase the efficiency of your workers and their managers. Its variability allows to link security, cleaning and maintenance. Make it easier for your employees to communicate while they fulfil their obligations and solve problems. Everything is clear “in one place” with up-to-date review, anywhere and anytime needed. We offer both the already chosen and tested solutions in practice as well as an option which can be customized to your ideas, conditions and needs.

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